My earnest plea

The pain of yesterday is but a drop in life’s never-ending cistern.
The journey through the darkness makes us cherish the light.
Never absent but simply denial.
There is a dawn to those who have tasted darkness
There is a presence that fills the void of our souls.
We are lead by our eyes but they deceive us.
We are lead by our ears but they betray us.
The light is given only to those who desperately seek it.
Those who forsake all.
There is no pleasure in darkness.
To lose one’s birthright for a morsel of meat.
Vanity of vanities.
Saith the preacher all is vanity.
That my cup would run over.
That the years that the locusts had made destitute.
Would become renewed by the working of His spirit.
That I may forget my desires to follow His.
This is my prayer as I journey through the wilderness.
Because whether the Sun shineth in all it’s glory or the storm swallows me within it’s eyes.
Lord every hour I need thee.


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