The scattered design.
Perplexed principalities.
Bathing in meadows.
Unfilitered light.
Leaves like thorns.
A fire that is unquenched.
The never ending pattern.
A man’s livelihood.
The safeguards that go in protecting it.
The pride that goeth before destruction.
Pain is perspective.
Naked I came into this world naked will I leave.
Barren hands.
A empty soul.
An unmolded mind.
The fear of God that is the beginning of all wisdom.
Life’s greatest lesson.
To love without condition.
To accept human frailty.
To hurt.
To love.



Yellow daffodils breaking the ceilings
Smashing liquid paint
Dementia Dementia.
I am demented.
Help me. Help me.
Vagabonds and slaves and everything between the guilt the shame
Hidden countenance.
Thou art a reproach amongst men..
The wife of thy youth.
What is life
Dear God.
Lord honestly help me.
I think I’ve lost it.
But I don’t know what “it” is.

Steel cold as glass intertwined with lead hard as silver soft as satin rocks a uneven canopy of fine silk ripping through a blank canvas of hate


In a colorless world empty of providence good vs evil what is evil and what is good why do I walk and why do I sit confusion confusion the confused man sings

Living life but detached from the world watching the pain pain everywhere anger disguised but pain at the core a ugly mask we all wear to hide our vulnerability too proud to be exposed as human the need to be God

As light peers into the darkness and sifts the shadows a bastard child awakens in the body of a man perplexed and broken the tortured soul sitting in dungeons howling like a mad man clenched fists smashing against granite walls slowly tearing the surface of his skin as tears stream down his eyes a caged bird a manchild without purpose without direction a prisoner in this labyrinth called life