The hardest part is acting like you’re alright. When what you really want to do would most likely get you incarcerated for life. Life is hard that’s the reality. Everyone will be there for you when things are going well but at the pathetic moments they all seem to disappear. Then they swear they’re always there for you and you can always rely on them but it’s just something people say.. The nature of life is rather ugly and the richer and more successful someone is the less humanity they actually have. And then people have the nerve to ask you why are you so reclusive.. Because I’ve been there.. I’ve been pathetic multiple times and I’ve crawled out mostly on my own only to realize the superficial ugliness of the world. And what I hate about the world is the same thing I see in myself. The way someone can become when all is well and how hard it is to be humble and down to earth.