Sanity of the mind perplexed and intertwined.
Compos mentis. Doubt one notion yet uphold the other.
To exist, to disappear, to vanquish, to nullify.
Child of Elea spoke ‘In Way of Truth’
For change to be construed as f(n)..
But in every frame of mind, or whether grace aligned.
To forsake thy wife and kill thy mother’s brother.
Or whether tis nobler to define the rationality of thy ship’s navigator.
Understanding the darkness of the abyss..
To stare at death and still remain without answer.
Perhaps meaning lies in pursuit rather than resolution.
(Re)search says truth is absolute; vision says nay.
Tis relative.
As Descartes remarked all truth is self-evident.
For man to fervently and desperately seek the truth.
Alas, ‘No truth more is uncertain.’ screams he.
‘For I have searched the wilderness to no avail.’
‘Yet I endure..simply to endure.’

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