Stream of thought.

A profound statement.

Although I have reservations on it’s validity.

Some may even ponder what lies on the top of said mountain.

What a shame it would be to travel such distance to find nothing but a fistful of snow.

For some have staked more than others on the ascent of this treacherous mountain.

To reach such unknown height.

A man certainly should learn every way.

And with such knowledge ascertain which way is the right way.

Alas. For perhaps what he was taught from conception will not carry him the full length of the way.

But then again these words are better thought, and performed rather than carried out through ink and pen.

For there are dreamers and men of action.

And perhaps yet again there are hybrids of both.

On a different note.

Pain is everywhere. 

At times a person is lead to believe that with migration lies the eradication of the root of said affliction.

Unfortunately from where I stand I feel happiness can only be regained with returning to what did betray me.

Nay. I cannot again submit myself to that agony. 

My pride has been wounded; perhaps in better words — maimed.

To exist in contempt and derision.

To place your heart aloof from where it is yet to be cast down again.

Alas. Conveys much easier than placing your frail organs where it can be ripped out again.


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