Love my friend i find as poison.

and Intimacy the same.

For Once I did love; and a hull of emptiness that was my soul did love with all it’s heart.

There was a girl and her name from my memory engraved like stone..

Rather the most captivating and lovely girl; and my heart bled with passion and fire with every moment together we shared.

But scorned have I become.. and Alas! my love hast betrayed me. 

For Once upon a time did I referred to her as the “one” and “my only.”

I realize the time has come for me to move on to search “new chords” as thou hast said.

But understanding has fallen upon me.

Perhaps there is more to life than just love?

And perhaps my speech is spoken out of scorn?

But women are a distraction and a Achilles Heel to my conquest.

I seek discipline. I seek God. I seek sound mind and sound body.

For scripture has said: “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

But again I have not found my “peace” so I seek it within the confines of paper and ink.

My heart has grown weary and my mind has reached it’s final straw.

I find myself on metaphorical ledges at times for I am exceedingly lost.

I seek purpose I seek direction.

But Alas! I have failed to find inspiration.

So Once again I humbly ask Brother keep me within the depths and confines of your heart and pray to the God of the Heavens that he may in fact strengthen and nourish me.


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