“True Peace” where doth it lie?

There is a saying that goes: Our greatest battles are fought within our own minds.

My mind is distraught and if battlefield bloody massacre.

I seek meaning; I seek the Creator’s purpose in our existence.

For the purpose of life lieth not in objects and currency.

Nor in the demi-Gods we have crowned with name “celebrities.”

I seek knowledge; but I find no joy in the prospect of acquiring such knowledge to serve other men.

I find mankind as a collective has lost their way. But I digress.

Nature and music within both like herbs I have found a cure; Yea! if within my heart lie-th pain these things have mended my soul for a fortnight.

Alas! Solutions cannot lie within the treatment of mere symptoms.

Pain is a reminder of absence and it’s unpleasant sensation doth torment me.

My wounds daily salted; and my heart is in fact vexed.

There is more to life than this. Is there not?

I find in what lies beyond the grave doth all my answers lie.


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