The heavenly orchestra plays in the stars

I’m more lost than I have ever been 

Going places I don’t belong

Meeting people I shouldn’t know 

Symphonies rock me to sleep

Straight from the heart of God

Always the odd one out 

All I have are these melodies playing in my ear

My redemption lies solely in the bosoms of instruments.

Regretting loves lost

I play simply for the Gods

I exercise suffering to build my own anointing 

To one day play among the stars 

My whole life poured out as incense

To play the secret chords the hidden keys

I am where technology meets the mystical 

I am the perfect harmonic sacrifice 



who are we without our clothes, our bodies, our salaries

if we strip the man to his bare naked soul

what are we?

all the things we use to fill the momentary void

meaningless sentences

smiles and hellos

a token gift to forgive our absence

simply to buy each other with our colognes and clothes.

every being incessantly crying to be noticed to be loved

whether by god, man, or bank account

the madness never ends

the cons never stop

men literally selling their souls for a piece of bread

so here we are psychologically and physically fighting for socioeconomic leverage

only to meet a cold six foot grave and a disturbed and guilty conscience












I genuinely don’t know what lies with me in this land.

I don’t belong here I’m being tortured.

I can do better in every sense.

This is nothing for me.

My RAM is literally running at 3 percent.

If that.